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Myanmar (Burma)

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Myanmar, a republic in South-East Asia, bounded on the north by Tibet Autonomous Region of China; on the east by China, Laos, and Thailand. It is officially known as the Union of Myanmar. Yangon (formerly Rangoon), the country’s largest city, is home to bustling markets, numerous parks and lakes, and the towering, gilded Shwedagon Pagoda, which contains Buddhist relics and dates to the 6th century… Read more

Tailor Made Cambodia & Myanmar Package 15 Days

Discover the magnificent Angkor temples, uniquely experience the authentic local life, activities, show and visit the capital city of Phnom Penh emerging the Royal Palace, Silver Pagoda etc. Continue to unlock Myanmar’s major cities including the famous Yangon’s significant pagoda of Shwedagon, Bagan’s ancient Stupas – the massive Pyramid of Dhamayankyi, The Golden Palace in Mandalay and the impressive Inle Lake. Read more

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Private Tour with 4 Countries Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar (23 Days)

Myanmar & Multi-Country Tours

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Myanmar & Cambodia Package Tour 2 Weeks

Discover the exotic Myanmar’s best attraction from the important Yangon, incredible Stupas in Bagan admired by hot air balloon during the sunrise and visit other fascinating Inle Lake, and Mandalay. Perfectly, visit the wonder of world; The marvelous Angkor Wat – well-recognized the world’s heritage, the natural wonder of the great lake Tonle Sap, bird watching and continuously end your journey at Phnom Penh followed by sunset Mekong boat cruise. Read more

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Vietnam, Cambodia & Myanmar 19 Days

Visit three impressive Asia countries Vietnam, Cambodia & Myanmar. From popular Hanoi Halong Bay, vibrant Saigon’s French influences to Phnom Penh Royal Palace & the marvelous Angkor Wat temple – the land of significant ancient temples admired by Great Lake of Tonle Sap, Myanmar’s top destinations offer an endless memorable journey from Yangon to the curious Inle Lake. Read more

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Cambodia, Myanmar & Thailand Tour 23 Days

The best combination of 3 popular Asia countries: Cambodia, Myanmar & Thailand. Offers the great valued tour from incredible Angkor complex connecting to the captivating Myanmar’s impressive tourist attractions and ends the tour in amazing Thailand. The tour mixes of unique unforgettable activities, nature, elephants & relaxing on beautiful Island. Read more

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Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar Tour 23 Days

This is such a long great holiday trip to see beautiful Southeast Asia; gorgeous Indochina countries included Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos, amazingly get inspired by the journey to explore Myanmar and her traditional people’s life. The tour begins from Hanoi along with natural Halong Bay across Saigon city, meet the Royal Palace & incredible Angkor Wat in Cambodia then experience the sleepy splendors in Laos before ending the tour in Myanmar. Read more

Myanmar Private Tours

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Myanmar Yangon City Tour 2 Nights 3 Days

The tour basically offers  the major highlight of Myanmar’s Capital City “Yangon” where you enjoy guided orientation to see the vibration of Yangon, colonial buildings, Kandawgyi Park especially the city life of people’s activities, admired by Scott market displaying traditional Myanmar handicrafts and so on. Read more

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Myanmar Yangon, Nyaung U, Bagan Cultural Tour 4 Nights 5 Days

Explore the largest city of Myanmar “Yangon” mixes of colonial architecture, modern high-rises and gilded Buddhist pagodas define its skyline, connecting to experience the ancient city of Bagan where more than 2,000 Buddhist monuments tower over green plains, admired by old Bagan Ananda Temple, built in 1091 and topped with a golden Stupa. Read more

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The Best of Myanmar Tour & Highlights 5 Nights 6 Days

This private tour offers the best main tourist attractions of Myanmar, exploring from the largest city “Yangon”, mixes of colonial architecture, modern high-rises and gilded Buddhist pagodas, visit the heart of Buddhism in Bagan including the most sacred Stupa, temples and the massive Pyramid of Bagan “Dhamayankyi” and admired by beautiful Inle Lake with interesting local life, and activities. Read more

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The Best Essence of Myanmar Tour 7 Nights 8 Days

Unlock the most impressive Myanmar’s major cities including the famous Yangon’s significant pagoda of Shwedagon, Bagan’s hundreds of ancient Stupas especially visit the massive Pyramid of Dhamayankyi. Continue to experience the former capital city, well-known as Mandalay – its golden palace gilt with millions of Gold Leaves and the beautiful surroundings. Admirably, ends the tour with the highlights of beautiful Inle Lake. Read more

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