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Indochina Package Tours (Multi-Country)

›› Vietnam, Laos & Cambodia Tour 2 Weeks
›› Vietnam, Cambodia & Thailand Tour 10 Days
›› Vietnam, Cambodia & Myanmar Tour 19 Days
›› Myanmar, Cambodia & Vietnam Tour 20 Days
›› Cambodia, Myanmar & Thailand Tour 23 Days
›› Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos & Myanmar 23 Days
›› Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar & Thailand 31 Days

2-Country Tour Packages
›› Ho Chi Minh & Siem Reap Tour 7 Days
›› Hanoi & Siem Reap Tour 8 Days
›› Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh & Siem Reap Tour 10 Days
›› Cambodia & Laos Tour 7 Days

›› Cambodia & Laos Tour 10 Days
›› Cambodia & Myanmar Tour Package 10 Days
›› Myanmar & Cambodia Package Tour 2 Weeks

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Asia Luxury Tour Packages
›› Siem Reap Luxury Tour Package 6 Days
›› Cambodia Luxury Tour Package 15 Days
›› Cambodia & Vietnam Luxury Tour 16 Days
›› Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam Luxury Tour 18 Days
›› Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam Luxury Tour 25 Days

Cambodia Tour Packages
›› Cambodia Grand Adventure Tour 16 Days
›› Siem Reap, Battambang & Phnom Penh 8 Days
›› Siem Reap & Phnom Penh Unique Tour 7 Days
›› Siem Reap & Phnom Penh Tour 6 Days
›› Phnom Penh & Siem Reap Tour 6 Days
›› Siem Reap & Sihanoukville Tour 7 Days
›› Siem Reap, Phnom Penh & Sihanoukville Tour 10 Days

Sien Reap Tour Packages
›› Siem Reap Tour Package 3 Days
›› Siem Reap Tour Package 4 Days
›› Angkor Discovery Tour Package 5 Days

›› Cambodia Budget Tour Packages
›› Siem Reap Unique Tour Packages
›› Private Siem Reap Day Trips
›› Tonle Sap Lake Tours
›› Tonle Sap Floating Village Tour
›› Phnom Kulen Waterfall Tour
›› Cambodia Cycling Tour Packages
›› Siem Reap Adventure Tours
›› Village Experiences & Bird Tours

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Siem Reap Bird Watching
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Antique Masthead Car 1902

Masthead Car was invented in 1902 in United Kingdom and used by UK chief commander during the World War II. It was brought to Cambodia and it was later used by the architectures at Ta Prohm temple where the Lara Croft Tomb Raider was being filmed. Now it is only one Masthead car in Cambodia that nowhere else you can find and has begun to serve as an ultimate transport for tourists to visit incredible Angkor temples and its surroundings in the unique way that dates back to the ancient time.


Masthead Car 1902 (UK)

Grand Starex & Lexus Cars

Grand Starex is the best suited for a family or small group, escape from the hit, comfortable seating and good air conditioning while Lexus is able to accommodate max 2 tourists. Drivers are completely licensed, qualified and able to speak English. Each vehicle has insurance covered. You will get the complimentary of cool mineral drinking water and wet tissues when you are on the tours. We don’t actually own any buses but we’ve worked with our bus partner to supplier buses whenever we have any larger groups, we use Hyundai Coaster, Hyundai 35 seats and Hyundai 45 seats buses.

starex-h1-20160916-01Slide thumbnail

Grand Starex Car 12-Seat

starex-h1-20160916-02Slide thumbnail

Grand Starex Car 12-Seat

starex-h1-20160916-03Slide thumbnail

Grand Starex Car 12-Seat

starex-h1-20160916-04Slide thumbnail

Grand Starex Car 12-Seat

starex-h1-20160916-05Slide thumbnail

Grand Starex Car 12-Seat

starex-h1-20160916-06Slide thumbnail

Grand Starex Car 12-Seat

Lexus Car 02 700pixelSlide thumbnail

Lexus RX300 Car 4-Seat

Lexus Car 03 700pixelSlide thumbnail
Lexus Car 06 700pixelSlide thumbnail
Lexus Car 01 700pixelSlide thumbnail
Lexus Car 04 700pixelSlide thumbnail
Lexus Car 05 700pixelSlide thumbnail

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