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Bamboo Train 16031705 740pixelThe second largest city of Cambodia and well known as “The Rice of Bowl” meaning Battambang is the most important regions that supplies hundreds sacks of qualified rice to the country as well as to oversea. Battambang is an ideal destination to explore its beautiful rural glory. The rice pappies and traditional stilt houses stretching throughout the province, are still visually visible. Historical and natural aspects ultimately bring visitors unique experience either homestay or adventure and it is the home of breathtaking destination. A day of life basing on farming and different ways that local people creating for living is so interesting that traveler should spend more than a day to experience its charming landscapes especial the Bamboo train is a challenge.

The city is situated on the Sangkae River, a tranquil, small body of water that winds its way picturesquely through Battambang Province. As with much of Cambodia, French Colonial architecture is a notable aspect of the city, with some of the best-preserved examples in the country.

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