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Where to Eat & Drink in Vietnam?

There are hundreds of local restaurants sitting along the alleys, street and near your hotels. Of course, you should try some bits street-food when you visit the country or get recommendation from your tour guide for some authentic dishes especially Pho – is the very popular breakfast soup in a big bowl that local people eat daily and the Saigon beer should not miss out. Here are some of selected local restaurants you may like.

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Restaurants in Hanoi

Xu Restaurant Lounge

The shared plate menu at Xu Restaurant includes both modern Vietnamese and traditional Vietnamese favorites. Although the idea of updating and modernizing authentic and traditional cuisine is not new, such experiments have only recently begun to be accepted and appreciated in Vietnam. Modern Vietnamese cuisine is both true to its roots and refreshingly contemporary. It sometimes involves the simplification of a complex dish to emphasize particular ingredients, or applying new techniques to traditional and well-loved meals.

Grandma's Restaurant

Come to experience the exceptional gastronomic voyage in the ultimate venue. Our authentic cuisine unites people connecting history and traditions in the warm and friendly atmosphere. Inspired by the traditional way of cooking Northern Vietnamese cuisine, Grandma’s Restaurant is a recollection of Hanoi’s rustic past and its surrounding provinces, a homey yet elegant feeling that everyone can experience right in the heart of the Old Quarter.

Duong's Restaurant & Cooking Class

Sits among Hanoi Old Quarter, Duong restaurants popularly serves delicious international, fusion and Vietnamese cuisines admired by lovely atmosphere  and amazing staff service. A great dining experience in The Old Quarter of Hanoi.

Home Vietnamese Restaurant

Set within a former French residence in the charming Truc Bach neighbourhood, Home is the unique Vietnamese restaurant situated between the historic labyrinth of the old trading quarter and the expansive serenity of West Lake. The restaurant partnered the finest traditional Vietnamese food with inspired contemporary cuisine, which are presented with warm service and in spectacular surroundings.

Red Bean Restaurant

At Red Bean our vision is to become one of Vietnam’s leading restaurant brands serving modern Vietnamese cuisine with high quality and innovative ideas but never forgetting the roots and value of true and authentic Vietnamese cooking.

Restaurants in Ho Chi Minh

The Deck Siagon

The Deck is situated on the banks of the Saigon River, a short 15 minute journey from the heart of Ho Chi Minh City. Saigon’s only modern restaurant Pan Asian cuisine where friendships, romance and fine food comes together. Once you’ve been greeted by a smile, share the sunset, unwind with a signature cocktail and enjoy the contemporary experience it will be hard for you depart.

Cyclo Resto - Authentic Vietnamese Cuisine

Traveling is the best way to discover culture and local cuisine. If you take great pleasure in cuisine, you will have lots of amazing Vietnamese foods. When you want to do something new, that’s where we are. We don’t try to serve  the best meal of your life, but day by day, we try our best to bring full feeling of traditional Vietnamese foods. Cyclo Resto brings real experience of Vietnamese family meal.

Quan An Ngon Saigon

Set in a large new building, which from its external yellow appearance is reminiscent of an old European castle; but inside its space is designed as an ancient Hue ruong house. The restaurant is also remarkable for its sophisticated wooden art carvings combining lacquer and inlay with mother-of-pearl featured on subtle details of balconies, stairs, tables and chairs and screens.

Restaurants in Danang, Hue, Hoi An


Nen restaurant
Nen was created with the vision of pushing the boundaries of Vietnamese cuisine while retaining its truest values. Nestled in a quiet, leafy neighbourhood on the Han River, Nen will take you on an unforgettable culinary journey. Our 8-course tasting menus include refined versions of great local specialties as well as our own bold creations of Vietnamese food. We cater for all tastes, with vegetarian and kid’s menus available.

Fatfish Restaurant
Striving to offer something a little different, we are a Mediterranean /Asian fusion restaurant and lounge bar, drawing from the gastronomic traditions of two of the world’s most beautiful culinary cultures to create innovative, fresh and delicious food!

Lam Vien Restaurant
Lam Vien Restaurant is located in a wooded garden, a fascinating destination for travelers to the resort in Da Nang. Unique architecture of the Thai ethnic minority floor – a nation rich in cultural activities long tradition in Vietnam with the architectural style of contemporary Western brought here suggests a feeling of open space near familiar, friendly between man and nature.


Ancient Hue Restaurant
It is conceptualized to bring customers back to the splendid history of ancient Kim Long, the last carving artists of this ancient city built Ancient Hue Restaurant. situated at the Garden House Phu Mong, in Kim Long, close to Linh Mu Pagoda and 1km distance from Dai Noi in the West. The whole site is sheltered by many blossoming fruit trees, Ancient Hue Restaurant emerges as the metropolis of the Nguyen Dynasty syndic, proudly existing in the 21st century.

Elegant Restaurant
Reflects the modern life style and the progress of Hue City, inducing thoughts of a more exotic, vibrant world wide integration, while still embraces the nostalgia of heyday as the Capital of the country. All those restless nostalgias represented in traditional culinary cuisine, providing to our dear customers. Serves the culinary tradition of Vietnamese food and added some others Cuisine such as Italian and Fusion foods.

Nina’s Cafe
All our food is made using really fresh ingredients bought daily from the market and supermarket. We make Vietnamese and Western food as well as Hue Specialties. Affordable restaurant offers delicious dishes of Vietnamese cuisines & a little of Western fusion.

Hoi An

Lantern Town Restaurant
A typical Vietnamese restaurant located centrally in the middle of Hoi an ancient town and specialize in serving authentic Vietnamese food, Hoian’s specialities and unique fusion dishes.
An old Vietnamese saying tells us: ”If you want to eat good food, roll into the kitchen”
When you are in Lantern Town & The Hoianian, we share you passion for good food but let us “roll into the kitchen” to prepare it for you as we have truly passionate and experienced chefs.

Home Hoi An Vietnamese Restaurant
HOME Hoi An is nestled in a former elegant French residence which has been well-preserved over a century. Amidst the historic architectural features, the restaurant inspires guests by its cozy home feeling blended with traditional tastes. Combined with curiosity about the authentic Hoi An cuisine, the ambience, which reflects Hoi An’s passion for historic preservation, is a major factor in luring guests to the restaurant.

Nu Eatery Restaurant
Nu eatery is a fabulous restaurant in Hoi An, offers fellow travelers a relaxed dining experience in a residential neighborhood steps away from the landmark Japanese Covered Bridge. Enjoy delicious food, atmosphere is great and followed by affordable prices.


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