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The best part of buying a great stuff in Vietnam is lovely, crafted lacquerware besides clothing, painting, silk & linen products. The artistic lacquerware can be found in many stores and souvenir shops in Vietnam as well as you have chances to visit their workshop and observe how people skillfully make those gorgeous handicrafts.

All items can be purchased in US dollars at most places except some of small stores who sell local products, street food, coffee, water and so on. However, you should exchange a small amount of US dollars to local currency ($1 = 22750).

Shopping Tips Vietnam

Ao Dais
Ao Dais is the Vietnamese national dress, traditionally worn by Vietnamese women over loose trousers and it can be purchased at a local store in Vietnam or meet a local tailor to get a custom suitable one.

Silk, Cotton & Linens
Beautiful colorful handicrafts which made of quality of cottons, silks and linens including table clothes, runners, T-shirts, shirts, fabrics, pillows and bed linens are generally found and available in many local stores & souvenir shops in Vietnam, all prices are affordable but don’t forget to bargain.

Crafted Lacquerware
Skillfully hand-made lacquerware is available across Vietnam, especially a few reputable lacquer workshops and its various high-quality lacquer products can be learned and purchased directly from the workshop’s show rooms in Ho Chi Minh City or you come across a lot of lacquer products in Ben Thanh market.

Antiques, Ceramics & Wooden Products
If you look for antiques, ancient art items or wooden carved products, ceramics etc, Le Cong Kieu Street (Ho Chi Minh) is the best place, where many shops & stores display/sell plenty of those kids of products you wish you buy. Get a recommendation from your tour guide to avoid the fake products.

Art Paintings & Galleries
Blue Space Art Gallery is located inside Ho Chi Minh City Fine Arts Museum – the oldest and the largest art museum in Ho Chi Minh City. The gallery, established in the back yard of the building in 1997, and has since become one of the leading galleries in Vietnam that supports and helps develop young and up-coming artists. Or Lac Hong Gallery would be a better option for you.

Ben Thanh & Binh Tay Market (China’s town)
A complete journey to Saigon would never end without one of these popular tourist markets! When visiting China Town, tourists never miss out the visit to Binh Tay market which is popularly occupied by tourists everyday. where you see a lot of various handicrafts, lacquer-ware, textiles and many more that are sold in wholesale. Different from Ben Thanh, it’s the largest market in Ho Chi Minh, mainly supplies local products, food, fresh vegetables, poultry, meat and grocery etc. You can also find clothes, wallets, shoes and other objects in this attractive market.

Supermarkets & Shopping Malls
You can find all kids of items locally made/grown or imported products at nearby supermarkets or at shopping malls in Vietnam. Fancy or even all kinds of brand quality products are easily to purchased to fit your needs.


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