Myanmar Major Tourist Attractions

From the coastline admired by the most reputable Ngapali beach to the minor rivers and mountains, Myanmar is one of the top travel destinations in Asia, fabulously emerges the rich culture and history rooted from the ancient time until today. There are a lot of things to do, experience and explore from hot air balloon, city sightseeing, beach escape, hill tribe adventure, river cruises, lake expedition, ancient pagodas to unique activities.

Yangon CityYangon Capital

About 5.4 millions of population, Yangon serves as the capital of the country as well as largest commercial core and the significant city in Myanmar. Yangon Capital is impressively illustrated by many number of colonial buildings and some still remain intact and unique. Widely houses sacred, golden active pagodas, bustle street corners, lake parks and skyline gardens that friendly welcome all visitors around the world to see and experience its authenticity and its wonderful history, and many more.

Pagoda Rock in Mon StateMon State

Sharing the boundary with Bago, Kyaiktiyo Pagoda (or Kyite Htee Yoe) is the religious Buddhist pilgrimage site admired by the famous Golden Rock which amazingly emerges on the edge of Mt. Kyaiktiyo in Kyaikhto township of Mon State. It is the extensive boulder pasted with shiny gold leaves and it has interesting legendary to visitors. Standing on the summit, visitors can enjoy a pleasant breathtaking and the stunning panoramic views of Mon State while taking picturesque photos of the surroundings.

Old BaganAncient Bagan

Visiting to the ancient Bagan is likely without taking a hot air balloon which flies in the sky to capture the magnificent views of hundreds of Burmese temples both at the splendid sunrise or sunset, and along with its rich civilization of Pagan Kingdom dates to 1500 years ago. Locates in Mandalay and next to the eastern bank of Irrawaddy River, the must-see plain of Bagan is one of the most significant archaeological sites in Asia, Bagan is also a great place to explore Burmese culture, customs, lifestyle and its wonderful history. Beside the impressive temples who were built from 9th century, Bagan ideally offers unique cultural experience to some local villages famed for traditional cotton thread weaving, crafted lacquer ware & painting, palm sugar, peanut & sesame oil production and blacksmith workshop while horse-cart ride, river boat cruise and elephant camp are available for those who friendly want to get interacted with locals and connected with the environment.

U Bein Bridge MandalayMandalay

Dates to 19th century, Mandalay served as the last Royal Capital along with rich history. Sits on the bank of east Irrawaddy River, Mandalay nestles among the jungle and hills, and today Mandalay is the second vast, important economic city in Myanmar populated by more than 6 millions of mix indigenous groups including Chinese, Indian, Kayin, Kayah, Chin, Pao, Mon and Shan. Mandalay comprehensively houses many impressive monuments and religious pagodas. From the significant massive Mingun bell, Hsinbyume Pagoda, Mahamyatmuni & Kuthodaw Pagodas to Royal Palace, Mandalay has much more to explore such as pottery & silk weaving villages, marble/wood carving workshops, the breathtaking sunset boat over Irrawaddy River, wandering at Zegyo Market and climbing up the Mandalay Hill to grab the stunning views of the surroundings while U Bein bridge is the best photogenic spot when the sun sets down at horizon.

Inle Lake Fishing VillageShan State

Founded during Pagan Kingdom, Shan State is popularly well-known for her ethnic diversity, culture, customs and traditions along with rich superstition, and the state houses beautiful nature, limestone formations and especially Htat Eian is the most interesting cave in Shan. Connect with friendly environment, Kalaw provides wonderful hike and trekking experience through the pine forests admiring mountain ranges and a night of homestay is an ideal for unique cultural experience. Shan is not only for the best cave and trekking experience but it’s also a nice friendly place to explore the floating village of the impressive Inle Lake which fames for its unique one-legged rowing boats, a great place to capture picturesque photos of blue mountain reflections over the lake surface dotting with fishermen standing on boats and it’s importantly serves as the rich ecosystem to many inhabitants, wildlife sanctuary and other species. On the Inle Lake, there is a lot of things to see including the 5-days floating market, floating gardens, by your luck you can check out Nga Phe Chaung Monastery if there are still jumping cats available for a worth visit and Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda is the main tourist attraction in the area which stores significant Buddha statues pasted with gold leaves and is sacred place to hold major celebrations of boat races, light festivals and the water festival based on lunar calendar. Apart from Phaung Daw Oo Pagoda, by a motorboat to Indein village which provides a worth visit to the unique religious land surrounded by many ancient stupas included the big white Buddhist Stupa in the middle, it’s a trip experience to unlock the highlights of the region, breathtaking and photography.

Ngapali beachNgapali Beach, Rakhine

Situates in Rakhine State and by a short flight from Yangon Capital City, Ngapali is the perfect beach destination dotting with palm trees and wooden bungalows in western Myanmar, hosts the white sand beach stretching about 7km along with pristine crystal ocean water which makes Ngapali a great favorite place to relax, sunbath and unwind. You may feel it boring for just relaxing on the beach but there are things available to maximize beach experience such as riding bicycle along the coastline about 8-10km in the morning to get interacted with locals and try their exotic fresh seafood before returning in the afternoon or hop on a fishermen boat to visit a fishing village on an island nearby.


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