Shopping Tips in Thailand

Thailand is one of modernizing countries in the mainland of Southeast Asia, with Bangkok Capital sitting at the mouth of the significant Chao Phraya River which is admired by Temple of Dawn or Wat Arun and richly emerges The Grand Palace that houses traditional Royal Buildings, temple of the emerald Buddha and other impressive architectures and arts.

Shopping in ThailandThailand is considered as the exquisite paradise for shopping destination in Asia because Thailand plentifully has everything you need from traditional silk products, lacquerware, unique carvings, valuable gems and jewelry, ceramics, spa and coconut oils, clothes and various handicrafts in good prices and happy quality. Because of catering all kinds of items and its amazing affordable prices, shopping in Thailand has truly become the most popular for tourists and it is one of the exciting travel experiences among other major travel destinations in Thailand.

Here in Thailand, there are many places you can shop from ordinary stores, local markets, shopping malls, boutique shops and even at Damnoen Saduak floating market whose prices are more expensive than other shops because it is a tourist place while Chatuchak Market is reputably the best shopping centre for thousands of shoppers and tourists and it only opens on weekend: Friday to Sunday, and alternatively Silom and Khao San Road areas are ideal for go shopping. If you concern about the quality, you should carefully think twice before buying items in very cheap prices that cause a lot of headache especially purchasing gems and jewelry at unknown branded shops while other huge reputable stores can provide reliable quality with warrantee.

Shopping always comes along with bargaining and it is very common to everyone when traveling but bargaining at high end shopping malls and supermarkets are not accepted because all items have fix prices and tags and it totally looks awkward if you bargain. Bargaining should be between 10-40% less than the selling prices, don’t ever bargain for items you don’t buy or exceedingly bargain 50% less than the listed prices which makes the shopkeepers angry and behaviorally impolite to you.

Be aware that Thailand gives back tourists a refund of 7% value added tax (VAT) if you spent on goods which has a total value at least 5000 Baht and each purchase must have a value at least 2000 Baht per day at department stores or at any shopping malls who have sign “VAT Refund for Tourists” which you can ask the shopkeepers to assist you with filling out VAT refund form which should be attached with the tax invoice, relatively, you have to ensure that all goods are taken out of the country within 60 days. To claim VAT refund, before your departure, you should look for a desk set up for VAT Refunds then you have to present all VAT Refunds and the purchased goods to custom officers for inspection. If everything is checked alright, you will get refunded immediately.

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