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We have a selected group of excellent regional tour guides and they are officially licensed, and well trained by tourism ministry. They have many year-experiences in leading tourists, friendly, knowledgeable and trustworthy. Ideally they are very flexible, informative and effectively provide customer services, suggestion, advice and helpful as always. Below is a few of our tour guide’s backgrounds and their saying about their jobs.

Mr. Suom Bosay

Mr. Bosay is one of our contracted local English speaking tour guides, from Siem Reap, Cambodia. He is the eldest brother in his family, has got 3 younger brothers and one sister, together they live under the same roof. He’s been as a tour guide more than 5 years, successfully used to escort groups for famous travel agents and hotel resorts become he’s become our contracted tour guide. Mr. Bosay has a deep passion in leading tourists to explore his beautiful amazing country – Angkor temples, the history, culture and especially he loves explaining tourists about the country’s people. He is a friendly, funny tour guide, honest and helpful as always. He wish to meet a lot of tourists from different countries around the world and he wants to share the world about his country. Despite he has just joined Triple K Angkor team, we trust that Mr. Bosay will deliver tourists the high quality of guiding services and ensure tourists leaving Cambodia with memorable & meaningful.

Mr. Phum Sokha

One of our main knowledgeable free land tour guides, originally from Seim Reap, Cambodia. He grew up in a small village along the way to Tonle Sap great lake, he has one older sister and he is the youngest brother in the family – he’s got married and has one lovely daughter. He drove a taxi at Siem Reap international airport since 2002 and became an English speaking tour guide from 2008. With his long experience in leading tourist to visit Angkor Wanders, Mr. Phum Sokha has become a professional, knowledgeable tour guide in the landmark of Angkor. Since Mr. Phum Sokha has been in our 10 top listed English speaking tour guides, He also has a great personality, funny and friendly. At his free time and weekend, he often takes his family to have picnic snacks in front of Angkor Wat temple and enjoy the picturesque view of the ancient moat surrounding Angkor.

“What I like the most about my guiding is to meet a lot of tourists from different countries so that I can share my experiences as well as my general knowledge to them for a better understanding about Khmer culture and Khmer civilization”, He says.

Mr. Sieng Pichet

Mr. Pichet is one of our top contracted, energetic tour guide, grew up in a village that is very closed to the temples of Angkor in a big family of seven brothers no sister. He is the second eldest and been involved in tourism many years.

Here what he tells you about him “I had my first job as a waiter in some hotels in town and that when my English got improved before I became a tour guide in 2011. I got married a couple years ago and left a very cute daughter. I sometimes spend time with them by taking them for sightseeing at some of Angkor temples, admired by sitting down and having picnic on the mat in front of Angkor Wat temple. Since I’ve started working as a professional tour guide, Ive been very proud of myself that I enjoy the time to lead customers to explore my country, especially visit to Angkor Wat. I’m happy to meet new people from all over the world and this is what I really like in my job. I also love sharing Cambodia history and culture to world through the people I met. I think that being as a tour guide is amazing. I can just make up my face and smile every day, have fun, friendly and empathetic. I am a professional tour guide, I don’t debate, I would just like to communicate and make presentation. I am great in dealing with unusual situations. I really care about the subject and people around me”.

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