Yangon Things to Do & See

About 5.4 millions of population, Yangon serves as the capital of the country as well as largest commercial core and the significant city in Myanmar. Yangon Capital is impressively illustrated by many number of colonial buildings and some still remain intact and unique. Widely houses sacred, golden active pagodas, bustle street corners, lake parks and skyline gardens that friendly welcome all visitors around the world to see and experience its authenticity and its wonderful history, and many more.

Sule Pagoda

Sule PagodaThe significant landmark stands in the heart of Yangon Capital, in octagonal shape and bright golden stupa, Sule Pagoda is built to enshrine Buddha relics and a sacred site for Buddhism devotees religiously make merits. According to a legend, people say that Sule Pagoda was constructed during the time of Buddha and aged over 2600 years ago.

Shwedagon Pagoda

Shwedagon PagodaThe significant landmark stands in the heart of The most religious sacred pagoda for worship and holding important celebrations of Myanmar festivals and it’s the major tourist attraction which sits at the west of the artificial lake “Kandawgyi Lake” in Yangon. The prominent huge stupa is covered with gold plates arising in the central city and it can be seen from distance while wandering in Yangon City.

Chauk Htat Gyi Pagoda

Chaukhtatgyi Reclining BuddhaChauk Htat Gyi is a Buddhist pagoda houses the most extensive reclining Buddha with 65m long and it’s always included in your day of exploration in Yangon.

Botataung Pagoda

Botataung PagodaSituates near the bank of Yangon River, Botataung is one of famous revered pagodas is built to enshrine Buddha relics and people say that the pagoda was built 2500 years ago at the same time Shwe Dagon Pagoda was born.

Bogyoke Market (Scott Market)

Bogyoke (Scott Market)A worth visit to Yangon is impossible without Bogyoke Market, provides great sights and the best place for shopping in Yangon. Bogyoke Market houses various selections of crafted lacquerware, carvings, handicrafts, gems, art paintings, textiles, silk fabrics and other fresh local productions.

Yangon Night Market

Yangon Night MarketOpens at 6.30pm on weekend along Strand Road, Yangon Night Market gathers colorful stalls, vendors sell different souvenirs, handicrafts and other items available for those who don’t really have time for shopping in the day time but it’s extraordinary that you have chances to try plenty of flavorful street food, street bars and cocktails, and other exotic Myanmar food.

Kandawgyi Garden

Kandawgyi GardenA breathtaking place where you can stroll around the park to grab the glimpses of the surroundings, children in a playground and observe local restaurants. Magnificently features notable golden Karaweik barge on Kandawgyi Lake and Karaweik Palace which offers cultural tour and buffet dinner with traditional Burmese performances.

Maha Bandula Park

Maha Bandula ParkJust a few minutes from Strand Rd near Yangon Night Market, Maha Bandula is a public park dotting with white remarkable Independent Monument which commemorates the independence from British Rule in 1948. The park provides free and easy wander overlooking Sule Pagoda and other important buildings.

National Museum Yangon

National Museum YangonFor a deep cultural experience, the five-story Yangon National Museum certainly offers amazing visit to witness Burmese work of arts, culture and history. This largest museum houses a wide range collection of artifacts, cultural arts of statues and other various ancient objects regarding to Burmese rich civilization, history and culture.


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